Yasmine Hafiz wrote in the huffington post that “One-third of Americans who were surveyed believe that the Syria conflict is an indication that our days are numbered. A biblical passage which prophesies the destruction of Damascus and links it to the coming of Armageddon is leading many people to think that the current violence is an apocalyptic omen.”

I found this post really interesting. But I agree with Rev. Mark Hitchcock when he says that, “people looking for answers in tough economic and political times ‘want to know that God is in charge. They want to know that someone has his hands on the wheel.’ I don’t think that just because all of this Syria drama is happening that the world is ending. But I’m happy it’s crossing peoples minds.

Furthermore, Ed Stetzer, President of Lifeway Research said that he could see why attaching Biblical significance to the Syria conflict would appeal to many Christians, because, “For Christians, the end of the world doesn’t mean despair. The end is really a new beginning.” I love this because it’s so true. For many Christians the end of the world is a good thing and i’m happy they’re connecting these two ideas. 


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