“Throw-away culture”

I might not agree with Pope Francis on everything..or a lot of things, but his views on abortion are straight on. An article in the guardian says, “Pope Francis offered an olive branch of sorts to the doctrine-minded, conservative wing of the Catholic church on Friday, when he denounced abortions as a symptom of today’s ‘throw-away culture’ and encouraged Catholic doctors to refuse to perform them.”

I love that even though this view he has might not be liked by a lot of people, he voiced it anyways. Cause it’s what he believes in. He said that it’s in the bible and that that is what he follows. 

“In his comments, Francis denounced today’s ‘throw-away culture’ that justifies disposing of lives, and said doctors in particular had been forced into situations where they are called to ‘not respect life.'”

I agree with everything he has to say on this topic. That we live in a culture that chooses to throw away lives and values. And it needs to stop. 


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