Broken World

Jon Boone wrote an article in the guardian which stated that, “Pakistani Christians mourn 85 killed in suicide bombings at Peshawar church. Pakistan’s worst-ever attack on beleaguered Christians prompts warning by bishop for future of minority in Muslim countries.”

This article breaks my heart. They were in a mosque, praying to God when this happened. 85 people dead for no reason. At all.

“It was Pakistan‘s worst attack on Christians, sparking impassioned, country-wide protests. Christians are a tiny and politically weak minority in Muslim-majority Pakistan who suffer from prejudice and sporadic bouts of mob violence. But Sunday was the first time that bombs had been used to such deadly effect on worshippers.”

I cannot imagine being hated for what I believe in. But these people were killed for their beliefs. It just hurts my heart. This world is so lost and so broken.


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