After the Bombings

Almost every article that i’m reading that has to do with politics and religion is about the horrific event that took place in Pakistan on Sunday. And rightfully so. 

Posted on,  “As expressions of sympathy poured in, protests broke out across the country, fueled by grief and by accusations that the government does too little to protect religious minorities in the Muslim-majority country. One person died in the protests.”

I find this interesting. I feel like if I were in their position I would be protesting as well. People who are religious minorities need the same protection as those who are a part of the majority. 

The article goes on to quote “Joseph Coutts, the Catholic archbishop of Karachi and president of the Pakistan Catholic Bishops’ Conference, called the attack “‘a shameful act of cowardice.’ He said it ‘proves’ that ‘increasing religious and sectarian intolerance … has reached alarming proportions,’ and insisted on increased police protection at places of worship.

I totally agree with this. It’s scary to see that people are becoming more intolerant of religions as well as other things. I don’t see a lot of this in America, but it’s clear to see with the articles that i’ve read. It breaks my heart and I agree that they need to increase police protection in places of worship. 


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