Love Above All

Ed Pilkington wrote an article in theguardian saying, “Pope Francis has set out his desire to find a ‘new balance’ in the Catholic church, calling for greater involvement of women in key decisions and a less condemnatory approach towards gay people, divorcees and women who have had an abortion.”

I love this. The church is meant to love all people, to encourage them and love them through their sin. So I love that he is speaking out about this and has made it it known.

“The Pope urges Catholics to show ‘audacity and courage’ in their approach to people who, in the past, have been given short shrift by the church, including those who ‘do not attend mass, who have quit or are indifferent.'” “Asked how he would respond to Catholics who are divorced or remarried or gay, he replies: “I used to receive letters from homosexual persons who are ‘socially wounded’, because they tell me that they feel like the church has always condemned them. But the church does not want to do this.”

This makes me really really sad. That people don’t feel loved by the church and not just unloved but condemned. People of the church are called to love. It doesn’t matter what a person has done or what they continue to do, it’s not our place to judge them. I’m happy Pope Francis is finally realizing this and speaking up about it.


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