Christians Killed in Libya

An article on says, “ A group of Muslims robbed two Egyptian Christians living in Libya, then tied up and shot them to death after the two Copts refused their demand to convert to Islam, relatives said.”

Holy. Cow. I just don’t understand people. Why would anyone do this? The only good thing about this is that these men were strong enough in their faith to say no to converting . They literally died for their faith. It’s amazing to know that they’re in heaven right now though. Praise Jesus for that.

“No one has been arrested in connection with the killings. The attack marks the third time in two weeks that a Coptic Christian has been robbed and killed in Derna District, which along with the surrounding region is known as a hotbed of extremist Islamic activity.”

I just really hope that they get this under control. Even though we are called to die for our faith, it’s crazy to think that it’s actually happening. This needs to stop though and I hope they put an end to the people committing these acts.


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