Tattooed Jesus Billboards



According to huffington post, this billboard in Lubbock is sparking controversy. The billboards show a tattooed Jesus with words like “outcast,” “addicted,” “hated,” and “faithless.” While some people have been “rubbed the wrong way” by these billboards, Ashleigh Sawyer, media relations coordinator for Jesus Tattoo, told the Post of the campaign, “The message is a simple one, Jesus’ love is transformative, He loves us unconditionally and no matter what you’ve been marked with, faith in Him and love for others will transform us.” After reading about responses from people in Lubbock I decided to see how people in College Station would react. I showed 10 people a picture of the billboard and asked if they thought it was controversial. 3 out of 10 thought it was, while 7 out of the 10 did not. I then asked if they saw why a Christian outreach group called would use this ad. The same 7 out of 10 said yes while the other three said no. I then asked if they saw this billboard if they would go to the website to learn more about it. 4 out of the 10 said yes, while 6 out of the 10 said no. But has said that, “We’re finding that those who visit the website and watch the video come to understand the message of the campaign,” Sawyer told the Post. I told people that I thought it would be good for them to visit the website to understand more clearly what this outreach group is trying to do with this billboard. This ad is trying to get a message across that we carry all of these words on our bodies until Jesus takes them away, and furthermore, puts them on himself. The outreach group made a short video to go along with this message to explain it more clearly. I completely agree with this billboard and what JesusTattoo. org is try to convey to people. 


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