Oprah’s God?

Senior religion editor for thehuffingtonpost.com, Paul Raushenbush, posted that, “Recently two celebrities offered us mirror textbook cases on how not to talk about the belief — or lack thereof — of another.”

“On a show that aired on Oct. 13, Oprah Winfrey hosted Diana Nyad who has recently completed a historic swim from Cuba to Florida. In the now famous exchange, Nyad, who is an atheist explained her beliefs to Oprah:”

I can stand at the beach’s edge with the most devout Christian, Jew, Buddhist, go on down the line, and weep with the beauty of this universe and be moved by all of humanity. All the billions of people who have lived before us, who have loved and hurt and suffered. So to me, my definition of God is humanity and is the love of humanity.

“Well, I don’t call you an atheist then,” Winfrey said. “I think if you believe in the awe and the wonder and the mystery, then that is what God is. That is what God is. It’s not a bearded guy in the sky.”

“Oprah came under a heated attack by atheists who thought they deserved an apology for her lack of understanding.”

I think Oprah is completely off base. Believing in God does not mean you believe in the “awe and the wonder and the mystery,” no, that is not God. God is a personal Savior. He sent His son to die for our sins and rose three days later. He’s not a mystery? I think Oprah is confused. You don’t get to say you believe in God because you believe in awe and wonder, that’s not how this relationship works. At all. 


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