Taking Christ out of Christmas

Todd Starnes wrote an article for foxnews.com says a New Jersey school bans christian music. “The angels will not be allowed to hark their herald nor will the little Lord Jesus sleep on the hay after a New Jersey school district announced a ban on all religious Christmas music. Constance Bauer, the superintendent of the Bordentown Regional School District, posted a message online stating someone had been questioning recent musical selections for the elementary school Christmas concerts.”

“Pardon me, the school district calls them “winter” concerts. Religious music should not be part of the elementary program(s),” Supt. Scrooge wrote in her anti-Christmas screed. So songs about Frosty, Rudolph and mommy making out with Santa Claus are fine, but harmonizing about round yon virgin will get you put on the naughty list.”

And here we are again. People taking Jesus out of anything that they can. Another person taking Christ out of Christmas. This just makes me sad. These kids are going to sing songs about yes, silly, fun things, but they won’t get to sing songs about the person behind Christmas…which is Jesus.


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