Private Schools Kicking Out Gay Students

An article in states, “Schools often aspire to be nurturing and supportive institutions. For gay and lesbian students, however, experience dictates that it can be a place of seclusion rather than support. In fact, in many private and faith-based schools, “coming out” is sufficient grounds for expulsion. Recently, Independent MP Alex Greenwich has moved legislation to help put an end to this in NSW. If passed, private educational authorities would no longer be able to discriminate against current or prospective students on the basis of homosexuality, transgender status, domestic status, age and disability.”

As Christians we are called to love. Do I think kicking kids out of school is loving them? No. I went to a private school and I would have been very upset if one of my friends “came out” and they were harassed or abused in any way. Kicking them out of school would be terrible. Why not love them and hope they change? I think that would be the better option.


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