“I Give God 10%, Why do you Get 18?”

Justin Lee wrote an article in the huffingtonpost.com on something I have been seeing all over facebook. He posted a picture of a receipt and then told the story about it. “The story: The pastor was part of a large party who ate at this server’s restaurant. Like many American restaurants, this particular one has a policy of adding an automatic 18 percent tip for large parties. It’s something the computer does automatically, not something the server has any control over. According to the server, the pastor’s party tried to get around the automatic 18 percent tip by asking for separate checks, even though the same person was paying for the whole table. The server says that everyone was happy with the service; they just didn’t like the idea of a compulsory tip. The result? The pastor scribbled out the tip, leaving none at all, and adding the note, ‘I give God 10%. Why do you get 18?'”

This is just crazy to me. I’m embarrassed not only for the pastor who did this, but of how it makes religious people look. This is terrible. If it was that big of a deal to this pastor, he should have just tipped 10%, that way he wasn’t “giving more than he gives God.” But holy cow, if that’s how this man looks at it, God doesn’t want his money. We are supposed to give with a joyful heart, and if we don’t, then God doesn’t want it. So if this pastor thinks it’s that much of a burden he just shouldn’t tithe at all. This story just blows my mind. Tip your waiter because God has blessed you with money to do so. Or don’t go out to eat. 


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