“Pro-life Shift or PR Stunt”

Andrew Branch wrote for religiontoday.com saying, “China announced Friday it will loosen family planning rules that limit most couples to a single child. Only a small percent of couples will benefit from the first change in decades to the policy, which still leaves intact a coercive system of forced sterilization and abortion. The changes were part of a key policy document following a four-day meeting of Chinese Communist Party (CCP) leaders through Tuesday. Families in which at least one parent is an only child will be allowed to have a second child. Previously, both parents had to be only children. Rural couples have been allowed two children if their first-born child was a girl.” But is this a pro-life shift or a PR stunt?

I hope it’s a pro-life shirt. If so, I think this is great. I can’t imagine if I was married and having kids, and I was only allowed to have one baby. I would hate that. I love that they changed this policy.


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