Poll On a Minister Officiating his Gay Son’s Marriage

Michael Rubinkam wrote an article in the huffingtonpost.com saying, “A United Methodist minister was convicted Monday in a Pennsylvania church trial of breaking church law by officiating at his son’s same-sex marriage, a case that rekindled debate over the policy of the nation’s largest mainline Protestant denomination.” The Reverend Frank Schaefer tried to justify it by saying “he tried to follow God’s command to minister to all, even if he disobeyed the Methodist Book of Discipline. He said he could have avoided the trial by agreeing to avoid any more same-sex ceremonies. But he declined, noting that three of his four children are gay.” The church law has explicit bans against clergy performing same-sex weddings. “The nation’s largest mainline Protestant denomination accepts gay and lesbian members but rejects the practice of homosexuality as “incompatible with Christian teaching. Schaefer could face punishment ranging from a reprimand to losing his minister’s credentials.”

I found this case interesting so I asked ten people what they thought about it. I asked if they thought what this minister did was wrong. 5 out of 10 said yes. I asked if they approved of gay marriage, 5 out of the 10 said yes. I asked if they thought this minister should lose his credentials. 5 out of the 10, once again, said yes. I then asked if they thought it was strange that three out of his four children are gay. 10 out of 10 said yes. I asked if they thought that affected his views on gay rights. 10 out of 10 said yes.

 In my opinion, this mans minister rights should be taken away. You practice what you preach. The bible, from what this man teaches from, tells us explicitly that marriage between people of the same sex is wrong. So I’m not sure what God this man is following, but it is not mine. We are told to love everyone, but we should not encourage the wrong that they are doing. Marrying two gay people is encouraging the sin.


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